A Broad View of Piedmont Wines - January 03, 2024

Tonight's tasting was hosted by Ron. These wines, very affordable in price, were arranged by wine type, produces/vintage, and area in order to compare. Due to members either away or ill with covid, only 9 members showed up to our tasting.


2007 Barbaresco (Produttorie) ($40)
2011 Barbaresco (Produttorie)($40)
2019 Barbaresco (Produttorie)($40) - two bottles, one opened 1 hour prior, the other 5 hours prior
2020 Gattinara (Travaglini)($35)
2019 Langhe Nebbiolo (Vajra)($25)
2004 Barolo (Marcenasco)($62)
2010 Barolo (Marcenasco)($62)
2016 Barolo (Marcenasco)($62)
2021 Barbera d'Asti (Vietti)($21)
2021 Barbera d'Alba (Vietti)($30)
2020 Dolcetto (Scavino)($17)

Images of Sampled Wines:


no dessert wine served

Images of Sampled Wines:

Images of Sampled Wines:

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