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International Variety Catologue (Vitis) is an on-line resource documenting grape genetic resources, facilitating the exchange of material and an information source for breeders, researchers, and wine growers. Want to know the country of origin of a variety pedigree? The ancestral information breeder name and/or location of the breeding institute holding institution? The area planted with the variety in grape growing country? This and more information is included in this site. (added: October 2014)

Everyone seems to use ratings from "experts," but how good - or unbiased - are the experts? Lately, much (healthy and needed) critical attention has been placed on ratings the raters, and the results suggest they're not only human, but quite fallible. Two fairly recent articles from Robert Hodgson (download 1 and 2), published in the Journal of Wine Economics, show what happens when a statistician and wine producer meets the "experts." Also, there is a lot of recent interest with regards to understanding how different wines and environments interact with human psychology. This site looks like a fascinating start. (added: February 2009)

What's "minerality?" The previous article was pulled from the web, but a more recent article by Jordan MacKay has some thoughts and links to other articles. Also, Tim Hanni has an interesting You-Tube video talking about terroir and minerality. (added: May 03, 2013)

Also, that video also links to a wine producer (Mirabeau en Provence) that has a lot of really interesting videos (including the one above) about wine, its history and production. (added: May 03, 2013)

Posted Art's list of recommended cheese books. (added: April 3, 2009)

This page will communicate information of interest to Le Tastevin members, such as advice, suggested books, etc. Check back later for more information as it appears. Please contact the webmaster if you would like to contribute any information to this page.

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