2002 Burgundy (Part 3 of 3) - April 26, 2023

Tonight's tasting was hosted by Bob. 2002 in Burgundy saw a severe winter, a cool spring and no hail. Summer was warm, with a dry August followed by a cool September that caused a slightly delayed ripening. Overall, a very good vintage with good color, refreshing acidity, medium-full body wines with plump fruit and ripe tannins. All in all, 2002 is considered a highly successful vintage.

Comparison in Age

2018 Joseph Voillet Pommard VV
2012 Hubert Montille Beaune Greves


Vosne-Romanee Beaumonts Grivot (92 pts., elegant, classy. Jean Grivot is old school: outstanding domaine with extensive holdings in the Côte de Nuits. His Vosne-Romanee Beaumonts is one of his best wines)
Vosne-Romanee Beaumonts Hudelot-Noellat (91 pts., minerally spicy. Domaine Hudelot-Noellat is from 1962, founded in Vose-Romanee, Hudelot married into the Noellat family that has a long history in Burgundy. Outstanding grand cru and premier cru properties)
Gevry Chambertin-Couer Roy Dugat (PY 90 pts, earthy, black fruit. Bernard Dugat-Py, cousin of Claude Dugat, is a highly regarded producer of excellent wines. The family has been making wine in Burgundy for 400 years, this domaine started in 1994 with expanded holdings)
Morey St. Denis, Close de las Buissiere Roumier (88 pts, ripe fruit, rustic. Christophe Roumier is one of the greatest producers of Burgundy. Founded in 1924, it is increasingly expensive)
Chapelle Chambertin, Potel (89 pts, pretty, lighter style. Nicholas Potel - family started in 1964 with purchase of Domaine Pousse d'Or. Sold that in 1997 then became a negocient, now under the name Dom. De Bellene. Wine have been inconsistent the past 20 years)
Chapelle Chambertin, Trapet (90 pts, aromatic, sweet fruit. Jean Trapet is a 7th generation Gevrey Estate with outstanding crus. Family property was divided in 1990, his Chambertins have been getting better after a period of decline)
Ruchottes Chambertin, Laurent (Dominique Laurent is a relatively new negociant who started in 1992. A wide range of wines, they tend to use a lot of oak with a more forward style)
La Grande Rue Lamarche (92 pts, spicy, blackfruit, full and rich. Francois Lamarche is an old family in Vosne-Romanee since the 18th Century. Last designated Grand Cru, recent increasing quality)
Clos des Lambrays (92 pts, wild berries, game, middle weight and restrained. Domaine des Lambrays is a very old property dating back to 1365. The CClos is a Grand Cru monopole (almost), which is now owned by LVMH)
Latricieres Chambertin, Giradin (93 pts, vibrant, raspberry, earthy. Vincent Girardin is a large owner and negociant, well-made. Well-priced large assortment of Burgundy properties, wine tend to be fruit-forward with more use of new oak)
Clos de Beze, Giradin (91 pts, spicy, black fruit)
Clos Saint Denis, Giradin (95 pts., concentrated, rich
Charmes Chambertin, Rousseau (93 pts, ripe, pretty forward style. Armand Rousseau is a family-owned Chambertin producer since 1930. It has experienced explosive popularity and price. His Le Chambertin is the reference standard)
2003 Charmes Chambertin, Dujac (92 pts, exotic, spicy opulent - 2003 experienced a record heat wave. Founded by Jacques Seysses in 1968, domaine has been accumulating cru parcels. Generous use of new oak)


2005 Chateau d'Arche Sauternes (founded by Henry d'Arche in 1580, it has been divided and sold over time many times. The Perromat family sold the Chateau to an investor group in 1996.

Images of Sampled Wines:

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