Côte-Rôtie – March 15, 2017


2005 Saint Cosme Condrieu


1995 Brune et Blonde, M. Chapoutier
1996 Côte Blonde, Rene Rostaing
1998 Bernard Burgand
1998 Les Becasses, M. Chapoutier
1999 Les Becasses, M. Chapoutier
1999 Brune et Blonde, E. Guigal
1999 Seigneur de Maugiran, Delas
2000 Guy Bernard
2000 Saint Cosme
2000 La Mordoree, M. Chapoutier
2001 La Mordoree, M. Chapoutier


1995 Tokay Pinot Gris, Selection de Grains Nobles, Martin Schaetzel

Images of some of wines sampled (from member's cell phone):

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