Cornas - March 12, 2014 - Host: Mike

Cornas boasts of the oldest vineyards in France, and the steep slopes and granitic soils forces roots to reach deep for water. All the wines are 100% Syrah, and producers using traditional methods result in wines that are dark and tannic. In many cases, these wines are unapproachable for 5 years, but then yield bold flavors that may take many years to hit their stride.


    2000 Chante Aloutette, M. Chapoutier Hermitage (Blanc)


    1989 Jean Lionnet, Domaine de Rochepertius
    1996 Coteaux, Tardieu-Laurent
    1997 M. Chapoutier
    1997 Cuvee C, Marcel Juge
    1998 Nobles Rives, Cave Tain L'Hermitage
    1998 Cuvee Sarah, Michel Perraud
    1998 Cuvee Le Vignon, Michel Perraud
    1998 M. Chapoutier
    1999 Nobles Rives, Cave Tain L'Hermitage
    1999 Coteaux, Tardieu-Laurent
    1999 M. Chapoutier
    1997 Auguste Clape
    1996 Auguste Clape
    1998 Auguste Clape
    1999 Auguste Clape

Below are images of the wines tasted.

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