Rheingau and California Cabernet from the (mostly) 1970s - January 13, 2010 - Hosts: Gerry & Ben

This legendary tasting was known more for the weather and Ben's gracious hosting at his residence, and less for the wines. Well, the German wines were wonderful, but the 1970s California Cab did not, well, age gracefully. Fortunately Ben saved the cab tasting with 3 wines from his cellar.

Rheingau - Sp├Ątlese

2001 Schloss Johannisberger Grunlacke (Prince Metternich)
2001 Steinberger (Staatsweinguter)
2003 Rauenthaler-Baiken (Staatsweinguter)
2003 Erbacher-Marcobrunn (Von Simmern)

Rheingau - Auslese

1983 Johannisberger-Klaus (Landgraflich Hessisches)

California Cabernet

1978 Sterling Reserve
1978 Cakebread
1978 Conn Creek Lot #1
1978 Conn Creek Lot #2
1976 Sterling Reserve
1976 Heitz - Faye
1975 BV - Private Reserve
1975 Freemark Abbey - Bosche
1991 Silver Oak
1996 Ridge Monte Bello
1989 Caymus Special Select


1980 Hochheimer-Holle Eiswein Sp├Ątlese (Aschrott)

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