The Nahe and Rouge Burgundy - January 14, 2009 - Host: Gerry and Dr. Bob

The Burgundy Region is known as the Côte-d'Or, which is divided into Côte DeNuits (North) and Côte De Beaune (South). The vineyards are classified Village (Commune), Premier Cru, and Grand Cru. Multiple owners usually own parts of Premier and Grand Cru's, although there are several important monopoles; in Burgundy the winemaker is the most important determinant of quality, so that many Premier Cru's are better than Grand Cru's of lesser producers.

Emmanuel Rouget, nephew of Henri Jayer, owns property throughout Burgundy, including all the wines offered tonight. His uncle is considered the finest winemaker for the past 25 years, and although retired was consulting on tonight's wine.

Savigny Les Beaune

North end of Côte De Beaune
Near Aloxe-Corton
Underrated, good value, elegant village wines
22 Premier Cru's (Best ones: Vergelesses, La Batailliere; Best producers: Simon Bize, Albert Morot, Tollot-Beaut)

Nuits Saint Georges

Sout end of Côte De Nuits
Typically full-flavored, rustic tannic wines
No Grand Cru's, but 27 Premier Cru's plus 9 Premier Cru's in Remaux, which are considered part of Nuits Saint Georges (Best ones: Aux Boudots, Les Cailles, Les Damodes, Les Vaucrains, Les Pruliers; Best producers: J. Grivot, R. Chevillon, R. Ambroise, D. Rion, H. Gouges, Jayer-Giles)
Also some outstanding Monopoles by J. F. Mugnier and De L'Arlot

Vosne Romane

"Greatest Pinot Village on Earth"
Some of the best Grand Cru's in the world
Wines are silky, sleek, stylish, and aromatic
8 Grand Cru's, 12 Premier Cru's (Best Premier Cru's: Les Beaux Monts, Crox Parantoux, Les Chaumes, Les Suchots, Aux Macconsorts; Best producers: De L'Arlot, Meo-Camuzet, J. Grivot, LeRoy, R. Arnoux, Lamarche, E. Rouget, H. Jayer

Echézeaux - Large Grand Cru

Outside Vosne Romanee
Multiple owners, variable quality (Grand's-Echezeaux is consistently better)
Best wines are generally fine, elegant, and fragrant
Best producers: DRC, C. Giroud, E. Rouget, Mongeard-Mugneret, R. Jayer-Giles


1995 - small crop, tannic at first now beginning to soften up and drinking well
1996 - large crop, highly regarded, now showing uneven progression with some excellent wines, but others losing fruit or prematurely oxidized
1998 - moderate crop, tannic wines which appear to be getting much better with age
1999 - huge crop, great weather, full, rich and tannic, with great potential - now in evolution

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