Le Tastevin - Cheeses for the Sparkling Wine and 1999 Burgundy Tasting - January 14, 2015

Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper (Netherlands, organic sheep's milk) is a Gouda-style cheese made in The Netherlands for Cypress Grove of Arcata, California. The difficulty in obtaining organic sheep's milk was the reason for sourcing the manufacture of this cheese The Netherlands. This whitish-colored cheese has a sweet, buttery and nutty flavor, is aged for 3 months, and uses a vegetarian rennet. It's meant to be consumed rather early, best within 2 years of processing.

Chaumes - an industrial cheese produced in the Jurancon by the Fromageries des Chaumes, on of the biggest cheese-making companies of France.

Kaltbach Cave Aged Gruyere - made from unpasteurized cow's milk, this cheese spends 3 months in the dairy and another 9 months in Kaltbach's sandstone caves located on the edge of the Wauwiler Moos area in the town of Luzern, under Mount Santenberg. The sandstone and the unique cave climate makes for perfect storage for aging this quality cheese.

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