Le Tastevin Wine Club - Notes on Cheese – September 19, 2012

Uniekass Reserve Aged Gouda

Mila Dolmiten Konig (King of the Dolomites) - named after a local legend of the region, King Laurin, is one of the most familiar and beloved specialty cheeses in South Tyrol. It is made exclusely with mountain-fresh farmer's cows milk from the Pusteria Valley in the Dolomite Mountains north of Venice. The cows graze on alpine pastures in the summer. After a ripening period of 60 days, this full-fat table cheese displays a dark yellow rind and a velvety yellow paste. The consistency is quite smooth. It has cherry-sized eyes that develop during an elaborate aging process, in which warm phases alternate with cold ones under carefully controlled conditions. This process inbues the cheese with a mild aromatic quality, with hints of sweetness, walnut and subtle nuttiness. Dolomiten is a milder counterpoint to the previous Uniekass Reserve Gouda.

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