Le Tastevin Wine Club – September 16, 2009 – Notes on the Cheeses

The French "epi" loaves are from The Give Thanks Bakery in Rochester. The cheeses are from the Holiday Market Cheese Shop in Royal Oak. These cheeses represent opposites in taste and texture, but have been selected because they are compatible with the wines we taste tonight.  They also are both made from pasteurized cow's milk.

Piave - from the area north of Venice and is a full favored cheese similar to but lighter and younger than Parmigiano-Reggiano.  This version is the Vecchio production which is aged 14 months. Piave shows the beginnings of crystallization but is not as hard and crumbly as Parmigiano.  It has a nutty flavor with tropical fruits and almonds, and has a very long, sweet finish.  Piave has an affinity for crusty bread and both red and white wine, going very well with German Rieslings and full bodied red wines such as Barbarescos.

Jarlsberg - a mild, Swiss Emmenthaler-style, cow's milk cheese from Norway which has become America's number one brand of imported cheese. It is available both as a young cheese and as Jarlsberg Reserve which is aged over 12 months and has a stronger flavor and aroma.  Jarlsberg is a semi-firm cheese characterized by its large holes and yellow-wax rind.  Jarlsberg has a creamy, sweet, nutty flavor, and it is an all-purpose cheese which lends itself well for cooking or for use in a fondue, as well as for snacking. Because it is a mild but flavorful cheese, it is a great accompaniment for many types of wine.

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