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Upcoming Events

With our first winetasting of the new season officially in the books, we now look forward to our next tasting when Kareem and Ron will present Italian wines (specific region and vintage(s) TBA) on October 19, 2016 at our usual time and Southfield location.

Past Tastings

Spring 2016 is around the corner. Well, in Australia, at least. Far away, in the land of Michigan, the first hints of autumn 2016 were evident with a beautiful day surrendering to a cool evening. What better way to begin our tasting season with a sampling of relatively inexpensive Australian wines, presented by our club President. Mostly bold spicy Shiraz, these were paired with three cheeses that were a huge hit - a Gabriel Coulet Roquefort, Jasper Hill Cabot Cheddar, and Queso de La Serena - with salami, pecan-walnut bread and baguettes. Magically, Ken lost some ropes and nuts, but he's a real card, and needs to be dealt with.

Other News

Next season's (2016-2017) wine tasting schedule has been posted, and can be seen on the wine tastings page.

Famous Paso Robles wine producer facing backlash for tree-clearing practices.

The historic drought affecting the American west, California in particular, is now resulting in wildfires that are threatening many of California's famous wine-producing regions.

Peer reviewed article in PNAS on a modeled impact of climate change on ecosystems and wine production: Hannah et al. (2013) write "...on a global scale, the impacts of climate change on viticultural suitability are substantial, leading to possible conservation conflicts in land use and freshwater ecosystems. Area suitable for viticulture decreases 25% to 73% in major wine producing regions by 2050 in the higher RCP [model] 8.5 concentration pathway and 19% to 62% in the lower RCP 4.5. Climate change may cause establishment of vineyards at higher elevations that will increase impacts on upland ecosystems and may lead to conversion of natural vegetation as production shifts to higher latitudes in areas such as western North America." Telling is Figure 1 with the impacts graphically illustrated on maps. Most important has to due with current vs. future land use and ecosystem management. The authors note: "Freshwater habitats may be particularly at risk where climate change undermines growing conditions for already established vineyards." Given the fact that many (if not most) freshwater habitats (springs, stream and rivers, wetlands and lakes) and surrounding supportive watersheds are over-stressed due to changing precipitation patterns and increasing human water diversion, both from surface and groundwater sources, and increasing landscape modification, this may be a increasingly important environmental and political issue that stakeholders and policymakers are probably ill prepared to handle.

International Variety Catologue (Vitis) is an on-line resource documenting grape genetic resources, facilitating the exchange of material and an information source for breeders, researchers, and wine growers. Want to know the country of origin of a variety pedigree? The ancestral information breeder name and/or location of the breeding institute holding institution? The area planted with the variety in grape growing country? This and more information is included in this site.

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Le Tastevin Wine Club is Michigan's most prestiguous - and best - wine tasting club. Established by Graham Jackson in 1970, members enjoy tasting wines from all around the world. Our cellars have wines that span vintages of over 40 years. Le Tastevin offers our members outstanding wines and cheeses in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Membership is very limited, and is granted by invitation only.

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