Answers to Burgundy Quiz

Burgundy Quiz

Correct answers

1) Total Burgundy production is what percentage of total Bordeaux production: 20%
2) Total Burgundy production is what percentage of total French wine production: 3%
3) Grand Cru production is what percentage of total Burgundy production: 1.5%
4) White wine Burgundy production is almost twice that of red wine Burgundy production - true
5) In the Côte-d'Or, red wine production is twice that of white wine production - true
6) In 1855, all Burgundy was classified according to what: land (terroir)
7) There are how many Grand Cru's: 33
8) The smallest Grand Cru is La Romanee, which is also the smallest French wine appellation (designated wine area). How large is it in acreage: 2 (2.09)
9) The most important determinant of quality wine in Burgundy is what: winemaker
10) The two with the most Grand Cru's is: Gevrey Chambertain (9)
11) The last designated Grand Cru is: La Grand Rue (1992)
12 Wine production in Burgundy was started by the Romans in what century: 3rd AD (although the Celts were probably growing in there before)
Tie Breaker: What town is NOT part of the Côte-de-Nuits: Corgoloin (Côte-d'Or)